In November 2015, Melcrum became a CEB company. CEB (NYSE: CEB) is a best practice insight and technology company that partners with its customers to develop innovative solutions that unlock their potential and help them grow.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to transform Internal Communication into the driver of employee, team and business success.

Why? Because big things happen when we understand each other.

Our story

When Melcrum, a CEB Company, first opened its doors in 1996, we had a simple mission: to demonstrate that organizations that excel in Internal Communication outperform their peers.

Fast forward to today and we partner with leaders and their teams at more than 200 of the world’s top companies to build skills and know-how. The business case for IC is proven. Internal Communication is a critical (and distinct) function and an emerging source of competitive advantage. Our strategic advice, analysis, tools and training help our members excel.

Join us, and we’ll guide you every step of the journey towards improved performance and efficiency

  • Tap into the unrivaled knowledge and experience of your peer group of IC leaders
  • Accelerate performance through advanced learning programs for you and your team
  • Fast-track to the answers through our personalized advisory services

What we believe

We are passionate about Internal Communication. We believe:

  • Organizations excelling in Internal Communication will outperform their competitors.
  • Every Internal Communication function, not just the most heavily resourced, can deliver competitive advantage.
  • Internal Communication is a profession in its own right, distinct from, and as important as, External Communication.
  • Advice from peer IC executives can be extremely useful, but only if you can find just the help you need exactly when you need it.

Animated by these beliefs, Melcrum partners with IC teams to generate the most impact with the resources available.

Melcrum.com is closing

In November 2015, Melcrum was acquired by CEB’s Communications Leadership Council. Since then, melcrum.com has continued to operate independently while we have integrated our teams and services. This process is almost complete and from August 1, 2016, Melcrum will become fully integrated into CEB Communications.

As a result, our web services will be combined and melcrum.com will close.

As part of CEB, we will be able to provide unparalleled expertise and support in both Internal and Corporate Communications. Find out more about how CEB supports Internal Communications teams.

Forum Member Access

Members of Melcrum’s Forum can get access to the resources on the CEB Communications Leadership Council website, which is included as part of their company’s membership. Click here to register and follow prompts for “First Time User.”


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